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Believing by Default

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We are all guilty of constantly thinking. Few of us can deny that our mind is often in overdrive, and it takes a conscious effort to slow things down. But how often do we think about what we’re thinking, evaluate our thoughts? For most of us the answer is rarely. Actually, many of us ending up believing by default.

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However, according to Amy Morin, psychotherapist and author, there is a link between our thoughts, feelings, and behavior. The way we think about ourselves and what the future holds for us often dictates our reality. Inaccurate beliefs can be limiting, dictate our behavior and feelings, and create self-perpetuating cycles.

In other words, we start believing something to be true about ourselves, life, or anything else, and those beliefs become our default perceptions. They are rarely examined. And we are often unaware that they exist, or the problems they may be causing.

On Aging

For example, what beliefs do you hold about aging? What is your default? Do you believe that everyone declines as they age? Is 60 or 70 too old to start anything new in your life? Do you think that at 50 it isn’t smart to invest in yourself? There’s a point at which you’re too old to make new friends? Or that younger people only spend time with you when they have to?

What thoughts, what beliefs, are dictating your reality? And more importantly, is that what you want for yourself?

Change is Possible

The good news about default beliefs is that we can change them at any time. The process is easy, simply question everything. Don’t let friends, family, society, your boss, or anyone create or feed the defaults you’ve been harboring. Know that you don’t have to live by a belief created by you from 10, 20, 30 years ago – or even yesterday.

If your default belief is not serving you, let it go and replace it with something that is more accurate and serves you better based on what your life experience, understanding, and knowledge are today.

When it comes to aging, let us help you with the process. At The 100 Year Lifestyle we’ve always said that vitality and healthy longevity are your birthright. You should have the health to be able to pursue your passions, relationships, work, learning – whatever you want – until your last breath of life.

Living Proof

But you don’t have to just believe what we’re saying. There are plenty of centenarians today who are proving us right every single day. Do you think it’s impossible to age actively and you’ll have to give up what you love to keep yourself safe and healthy? Well, not according to Jean Bailey, 102-year-old fitness instructor.

Think the wild and crazy side of you has an expiration date? Gloria Weberg would beg to differ. She celebrated her 100th birthday by getting another tattoo.

Are you sure that the athlete in you will die at a certain age? Mick Roberts completed a 5K race after turning 100. She took the 3.1 mile course in 56 minutes, finishing well before many people much younger than herself.

Convinced there is absolutely nothing cool about getting older? 105-year-old Pete Rizzo will tell you otherwise. His family and friends swear he’s the definition of cool. He’s a master of mindfulness, a storyteller par excellence, a dancer, a singer, and a lover of good food. To him, that’s the stuff you do when you’re 100. To prove it, he threw himself a 100th birthday party and spent it doing the frug on the dance floor with women one-fifth his age.

If you’re thinking that Jean, Mick, Gloria, and Pete are unique, they are. However, they’re not alone. The 100 Year Lifestyle is filled with dozens of stories of unique and amazing nonagenarians, centenarians, and super centenarians who are showing us that life doesn’t come with as many rules or definitions about aging as you might think. Anything is possible, if you believe it is.

Start Today

Want to get rid of those default beliefs and live your life 100:100 – at 100% for 100 years or more? Start by giving yourself the gift of health. You’re going to need, and want, to be as heathy as possible to participate in all that life has to offer. Find a 100 Year Lifestyle provider near you to help you on your fabulous journey! Enjoy!

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