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Nature’s Blueprint for Health

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Nature’s blueprint for health. Exploring the predictive power of subluxations.

In the natural sciences, a hypothetico-deductive model “is a proposed description of the scientific method. According to it, scientific inquiry proceeds by formulating a hypothesis in a form that can be falsifiable, using a test on observable data where the outcome is not yet known. A test outcome that could have and does run contrary to predictions of the hypothesis is taken as a falsification of the hypothesis.” (wikipedia)

The hypothesis that germs cause disease has long struggled to satisfy the scientific method and the hypothetico-deductive model. Germs thought to be disease-causing, such as Tubercular bacteria (as one of many examples), have been found in the microbiomes of numerous healthy people. The construct of an immune system has not offered a causal model that can predict disease onset or its location in the body. In other words, if a scientist today discovers TB bacteria in a healthy human being, he or she cannot predict where, when, or even if that individual will exhibit an inflammatory condition of “tuberculosis.”

German New Medicine

This completely changes with the discoveries of German New Medicine (GNM). Here, tuberculosis (TB) can be predicted in any individual harboring TB bacteria by the use of a brain CT scan. (GNM offers a new science of understanding all organic diseases in the body.) If a concentric, spherical brain-lesion or Hamer Herd (HH) exists overtop a brain relay in the brainstem or cerebellum (controlling an organ that is evolutionarily symbiotic to tubercular bacterial activity such as the lung alveoli, the iris, or the corium skin), then a GNM CT reading can predict the manifestation of TB in that individual, which exact organ is to be affected, and even “when” it will occur.

When a HH lesion in one of these parts of the brain turns to fluid edema, as exhibited on a CT scan, then the TB “infection” will commence in the correlated organ. Furthermore, we can demonstrate a paradigm-shattering model of prediction based on the one-to-one relationship that exists between the Hamer Herd in the brain and its psyche-level equivalent in experience; where each HH lesion in the brain corresponds to an acute, unexpected “conflict shock” in life.


As the result of greatly successful, thorough, and in-depth research over tens of thousands of respective cases spanning over three decades, GNM has amassed criteria that establishes a new science of Nature’s psyche-brain-organ interrelationship. For example, it can be shown that every individual with an HH overtop the brain relay that controls the choroid, iris, or ciliary body of the right eye experienced a “biological conflict shock” categorized as a “visual ingoing morsel conflict.” One of several examples of such a biological conflict is when an individual is “not able to catch a visual morsel, such as not being allowed to see a beloved person.”

(For the HH to manifest, the experience must be acutely unexpected, isolating, and biologically and emotionally meaningful to the individual.)

Paradigm Shattering

The paradigm shattering model of prediction to be gained by this psyche-brain-organ connection with respect to TB of the iris, choroid, or ciliary body is as follows:

Since TB activity will only commence when the HH lesion turns to edema, and since the lesion will turn to edema in the brain only when the individual resolves the specific conflict in life, (for instance, by regaining visual contact with the beloved person) then we can predict that this psychological resolution event will immediately precede the onset of the tubercular activity in the associated organ. In other words, if a “visual morsel” conflict occurs where the HH observably exists in the brain relay controlling the iris, choroid, or ciliary body, then “tuberculosis” can now be predicted to occur in that organ once the individual resolves their unique biological conflict.

The biological meaning for the tubercular activity is now also revealed. By way of the 5 biological laws of the GNM, it can be demonstrated how the iris, choroid, or ciliary body grow and multiply endodermal cells upon a “visual morsel” conflict shock. The archaic, biological purpose of the additional cells in the eye is to be better able to absorb the visual morsel. After resolution of the conflict, tubercular bacteria enter the affected germ layer to deconstruct the previously added cells, causing the inflammatory condition.


Not only can we predict the onset of this condition with precision regarding where it will occur and to a large extent when (dependent on the HH and its resolution), but we can also ascertain the biological meaning or purpose that underlies the phenomenon! The microbial activity is part of an organic restoration process of the previous cellular adaptation directed and controlled from the brain!

This is but one example, yet all the organs of the body follow these fundamental patterns which map the phenomenon of “organic diseases” (barring acute poisoning, injury, or starvation). What we have is a fundamental transformation in our model of health and disease, where “disease” is no longer tenable as “an entity” of its own accord, with often-perceived maliciousness via some “pathogenic” agent, but is instead a normal, natural, and predictable consequence of an underlying Biological Program of Nature—an intelligent and intrinsic part of our biology’s desire to adapt and overcome challenging experiences of conflict shock.

Humanity has been largely blind to this paradigm of disease because the biological program was unknown to science. So many of our common symptoms have been misinterpreted as “malignant,” random, or devoid of meaning, because the cellular adaptation that gave birth to the consequent symptoms was unknown. This lack of knowledge has greatly limited medicine’s ability to effectively address the phenomena in question, though finally, we are entering a new era in science.

Chiropractic Connections

It has long been hypothesized that vertebral subluxations are fundamental to a fuller understanding of biology, health, and disease. Ruling out mechanical injury (which may be distinguished under a separate category of vertebral “misalignments”), it is my belief that vertebral subluxations are one of the adaptive effects along the spinal column caused by these ancient “biological programs” which command a brain-organ surge of communication through a given nervous system pathway. The spinal subluxation isn’t a “misalignment,” per-se, but is a potentially predictable after-effect of the brain and organ’s augmented nerve activity through the spine.

In poetic terms, it can be said that D.D. Palmer was palpating with his soulful hands vertebral subluxations which are of the same underlying phenomena that Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer discovered to exist in the brain. And both pioneers had connected their respective discoveries to the psyche and particularly to our experiences of “trauma,” or what Hamer specified as “biological conflict shocks.” Chiropractic adjustments to the nervous system—bringing balance and coherence to the function of the whole system—have offered such great historical successes in practice (including prevention) because of their ability to enhance and support the psyche, brain, and organ’s holistic adaptability to stress.

Exciting Question

Whether this newly discovered spherical brain lesion can be interpreted as a “subluxation” is an exciting question to be determined in chiropractic philosophy… However, the lesion clearly exists to relay an adaptive impulse to the body (from above-down and from the inside-out) aimed at achieving a specific conflict resolution in life. It may be appropriate to interpret the brain lesion as a “superluxation” governing an augmented, intelligent biological program of adaptation. In either case, the brain-organ “program” of cellular adaptation seeks, from the biological level, the same intelligent goal that the psyche seeks from the psychological level—namely resolution of the conflict that exists in life. Aligning ourselves consciously with this adaptive impulse by identifying and addressing the conflict in life, presents us with a new beginning in our scientific model for achieving health.

Just as modern medicine achieves tremendous, almost miraculous, clinical success when aligning a broken bone by first honoring and understanding the body’s natural blueprint—“what the body wants”—so too can we learn to understand what the psyche, brain, and organ want in the case of organic disease. In other words, we can now know what the biological intelligence is trying to achieve by these meaningful cellular changes (and their consequent symptoms) that we have for so long labeled “disease,” but which could better be labeled symptoms of “recovery.” With the precise knowledge afforded here, we can align ourselves to Nature’s intelligence by working to achieve comprehensibility of, and recovery from, the underlying conflict in life.

In Summary

In summary, this new awareness unleashes a level of biological comprehension never before known in history. The HH brain lesion (or subluxation) unveils a vital map that points to a biological need for greater physical and emotional resources to comprehend and navigate a unique and specific “trauma” or conflict-shock challenge. Such resources can now be beautifully instilled in an individual, through shared human awareness of the conflict, through empathy, collaboration, and through holistic chiropractic care of the nervous system which adds to the individual’s comprehensibility, adaptability, and sense of coherence. Then, with Nature’s intelligence honored and understood, we can achieve a higher health potential in life, known by the great healers of all time to be something that is born from within.


Nature’s Blueprint for Health was written by John Ohm, and reprinted with the permission of Pathways to Family Wellness magazine.

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