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Purpose Gives Life Meaning

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It was Charles Henry Parkhurst who said that “purpose is what gives life meaning.” Purpose is your main life motivation – the reason you get out of bed every morning. Some people call it your “why.” While it might be different for everyone, it is essential for everyone. Certainly, it is integral to living 100:100

Purpose of Purpose

Think of your life purpose as your north star. It is your guide as you make important decisions. Purpose is the foundation of how you develop your behavior and attitudes.

Shifting Yet Ever Present

Many find that their purpose will shift and change throughout their lives. In their youth it might be related to social relationships and then your work. As people age, many find their commitment to family, friends, and community becomes their life’s purpose. For some, life purpose might include a hobby or activity they are passionate about such as a sport, activism, or spiritual pursuit. 

As one’s life changes, so can their life purpose. It can change and evolve, yet remain – in one form or another – ever present.


Your life’s purpose can help you define your community and give you a sense of belonging. It is often an anchor in what can be a very turbulent world. 

Richard Leider, in his book, Who Do You Want to Be When You Grow Old? The Path to Purposeful Aging, suggests that the equation for purpose is: gifts + passions + values = purpose. With this in mind, he goes on to say that “everyone is getting old; not everyone is growing old.”

Purpose and Health

At the 100 Year Lifestyle we know that if you are living at 100% for 100 years, your gifts, your passions, and your values can and should be cultivated until your last breath of life. 

The connection between life purpose and health is clear. According to Dr. Deanna Minich, there is a “close relationship between life purpose, healthy behaviors, and health outcomes. People with a life purpose likely value their health because greater vitality helps them to make more effective progress toward their goals. Regardless of how a person finds purpose, having a strong life mission may be an important component of healthy aging.”

Purposeful Lifestyle

There is no greater way to experience vitality than through lifestyle chiropractic care. Together with your 100 Year Lifestyle provider you can keep your mind, body, spine, and nervous system functioning at their full potential for a lifetime – and keep you on task regardless of what your life’s purpose may be. 




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